Life as an Outcast

  1. Another #sfgiants game with @jewsofly (at San Francisco Giants AT&T Ball Park)


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    Bonus panel here.  Read more comics here.

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    Doctor Who is back on the big screen with the Series 8 Premiere – DEEP BREATH – on 25 August in cinemas throughout the US and Canada. 

    Peter Capaldi’s first full episode as the Doctor - Deep Breath - will be screened in cinemas around the world from 23 August 2014.

    This year’s screenings follow the success of the global cinema release of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor which was screened in over 1500 cinemas around the world, allowing fans to come together to watch the show like never before.

    Steven Moffat comments, “Last November the Doctor didn’t just conquer the world on television, he did it in the cinemas too. And like the show-off he is, he can’t resist another go - one taste of the silver screen is never enough. On August 23rd the new Doctor will begin his new adventures on BBC One and in cinemas all over the world. Movie-land beware - Capaldi is coming to get you!” [x]

    Theater locations and ticketing to be announced later this month.

    You can find out more information on global cinema screenings at the dedicated cinema page as information arrives. 


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    shout out to seventeen writing this

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    The importance of consent: a narrative.

    I will forever reblog this gifset.

    look at how badass she is though i mean some of it gets on her too and doesn’t even give a fuck

    She pours hot liquid on her own leg she’s that badass.

    fire cannot kill a dragon.

    that last comment omg

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    this is the thing!


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  13. I am and always will be the optimist, the hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams.

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    inspiration [x]

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    Good morning everyone

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